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Completing a quality kitchen with a robust worktop

As one of the most used and consequently most subjected to wear areas of your kitchen, a worktop needs to be as strong as possible. It must also be noted that a worktop physically takes up a significant portion of your kitchen. If it looks unattractive, the chances are that your entire kitchen is going to be affected. Therefore we offer a wide range of worktops which are both aesthetically pleasing and tough enough to take hard use for a long time.

Quartz worktops

If aesthetics are paramount, a quartz worktop is the best option for you. Because of the nature of quartz, these worktops can be offered in a wide array of colours to suit different kitchens. Quartz is very easy to maintain, with everyday cleaning agents able to easily clean and sterilise it. On top of all this, quartz worktops are a lower budget alternative to their granite counterparts.

Granite worktops

A granite worktop is the best option for robustness. One of the toughest natural stone formations to be found in the world, granite is heavy and very difficult to harm - it's even tougher than most metals! A granite worktop will last longer than any other - the granite has already lasted millions of years before quarrying! As a natural stone with no manufacturing process, granite is the most environmentally friendly material for worktops.

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